Monthly Prayer Letter

March Update


Praise the LORD!!

It is always good to give thanks to Him, because He is truly worthy!

Stay and Study

We've just returned home yesterday from our bi-yearly ministry for ladies called, STAY and STUDY, held in Myrtle Beach, SC. We have one in October and one in March. This year the focus was "digging deeper". It was our fourth year going through the scriptures with ladies from every corner. The weather in Myrtle Beach was mostly agreeable, but the fellowship and the teaching were awesome! We Praise God for His enduring faithfulness to us and providing such a rich time discovering His timeless truth.

Unfortunately when we arrived back weather in Detroit, Boston, NYC and the seacoast cities remembered that it was still winter!!  Here in Detroit we had loss of power for 6 days, and lost all of our perishable food, and we slept on the dining room floor in 36 degree temperatures to conserve heat.  Praise the Lord!! He is still God!!  WE SURVIVED IT!!

Journey & Israel

Coming up next is our Men’s Summit Journey, May 5-7.  It will be a powerful time focusing on "The Journey Uphill: the hard climb ahead". Our speakers are ready and our hearts are open. Please, if you know of men that need to attend, be a committee of one to get them there, It will be life-changing.

Lastly, don't forget Our trip to Israel, September 6-17, 2017. God has opened the door and the time couldn't be better.

Please remember by brother Ricky, his x-rays came back clear but there is still some cancer somewhere in his body. Please pray for him.

Get your heart prepared for Easter. It is just around the corner and the world needs to hear the truth. Well, until next month, give Him the glory in all things!!!

Dwight Knight

Executive Director

Challenge Ministries