Monthly Prayer Letter

January Update


Happy New Year, and the Lord bless you.

It is so very hard to believe that we are on the beginning steps of a new year.




Thank you so very much for helping us do His work last year; we were greatly blessed and encouraged by your kindness and support. He gave us amazing grace in 2017; grace that was greater than all the things we could ever face.

This year, 2018 we feel led of the Lord to turn our ministry attention to reaching out to the Millennials. As we have been planning our events and schedules we have felt the urgent need to reach out to the upcoming generation.

Evangelism seems markedly absent, or decidedly ignored, so sensing this drought may the Lord give us favor and strength to confront the hearts and minds of this age while we can. We feel that this situation is urgent; if the current tide of passivity continues among this generation, apostasy and apathy will be the destiny of the evangelical church. Please help us with this great quest.

Through our conferences and events, we are trying to stir the passion of our Saviors' grace to younger hearts.

Our three endeavors this year are: Journey April 27-29; Stay and Study, March 9-11, and Destination, August 4-12. You can aid in these projects by supporting us through communication (passing the word along), prayer, and financial support.

We have never excluded someone from our projects because of financial need. Help us by sponsoring someone who needs a scholarship today. Help us raise $10.000 for our scholarship fund. We cannot do this without you; your prayers and financial aid.

So please, continue your loving care, and help us in the work our Lord has called us to.

Again, may the Lord bless and keep you throughout this year.


Dwight Knight
Executive Director
Challenge Ministries